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    Personal Blog For Lovers Only <3

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    Disneyland during rain, or fog, or darkness is my favorite, it truly looks like a hazy dream.

    This has to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

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    Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Horns (x)

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    "I was never here," he said.
        ↳ A playlist made by royalanomaly and I, in the mindset of Ignatius Perrish from the book (and now movie) "Horns".          
     listen here
    1.   Fever — The Black Keys
    2.   Lithium — Nirvana
    3.   The Informer — David Bowie
    4.   Bedroom Hymns — Florence + The Machine
    5.   The Good Left Undone (acoustic) — Rise Against
    6.   Personal Jesus — Depeche Mode
    7.   A Little Death — The Neighbourhood
    8.   Lost Cause — Imagine Dragons
    9.   Deathbed — There For Tomorrow
    10. Running up that Hill — Placebo
    11. {Conclusion}*
    12. {The End}*

    {* = mystery}
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    Ksenia Zhiganshina 


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